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He HATES The Way You Touch Him (But Will Never Tell You)

Why He Hates The Way You Touch Him But Will Never Tell You

Ever given a man a handjob?  Ever watched him sit back, close his eyes part way through, and just kind of lay there quietly while he unconvincingly says, “It feels great.  Really, it does.”

Did you ever get the feeling that maybe he was lying about how great it felt?  Or feel like he wasn’t enjoying it as much as you thought he should be?

If so, then you really MUST watch this crazy video right now to find out the truth about men and handjobs.

The Astonishing Handjob Secret Men Are Terrified To Tell You About

I’m definitely classifying this video as insane because it reveals the horrifying truth about what guys are really thinking when you touch them “down there” and why he insists that he “totally loves” what you’re doing when he secretly hates it!

Cassidy Lyon, the woman in the video, explains all the terrible mistakes women make when touching a guy, why a guy won’t tell you if you’re doing it all wrong, and why he’ll never show you what he likes, no matter how many times you ask him.

It’s all horrible and awful and terrifying!  Please don’t watch if you already think you’re “great” at giving handjobs and don’t want to be disappointed to find out otherwise.

The end is my favorite part. That’s where Cassidy reveals how to touch a man in a way that makes him absolute putty in your hands!  She calls it the Stroke of Genius.

A pretty fitting name if you ask me because it’s an amazing way to make a man addicted to you, so you’re the only woman he ever wants.


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